Ripler Artwear is a brand of Steyn Foorthuis and started out of passion for character design in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. Together with his partner Charissa they co-manage the brand.

Steyn has worked at serveral design and architecture companies and he started his first aerosoul art business at the age of 17.  Several years later he found himself as the co-owner of a software company. In the year 2016 he caught up with his love for crafting and character design and decided to start Ripler Artwear in 2020.

”When making my masks I try to envision a character that goes with that said mask. What is this person like? What functions would the mask need, what materials and are those materials at hand in his time? What shape, fabric, feel or sterdiness would they prefer? I think about all of these things so that at the end, a unique concept gets to come alive as realistic as possible.”